Since I have a whole page dedicated to coffee, I decided to let you in on how I started to love coffee and where it all began. 

Growing up my whole family went to Starbucks. My mom and dad NEVER drank black coffee, and would order the standard sweet drink that tasted a bit like coffee. I would occasionally have a sip, but never commit to having my own cup. I was the typical girl, and drank, yes, frappuccinos. My pallet was used to all of the sweet, sugary, less coffee-more milk, kind of drinks. (NO, I am not judging you if that is what your drink, do yo thang!) Anyway, a few years ago, a good friend of mine was really into coffee and would talk about it to my sister and I. He made us our first pour over, and it was actually really good. I never imagined black coffee actually tasting good, and yet it did. So we asked him where we should go first for coffee, and he recommended a shop called Portola Coffee Lab. This is where it all started. I would go and just get chai lattes, or vanilla lattes, because that was all I knew. Then, I went to a place called Stereoscope, and ordered my first pour over (a way to brew coffee). It sounds funny, but from that day forward, I became really into it. I loved trying all of the different kinds of beans and before I knew it, black coffee was all I drank. Coffee became special to me. It became something that was fun, exciting, and surprising. I began to make friends who had the same passion I did, and we began to visit different coffee shops, trying to find the best. I love it. I love the coffee, the community, the atmosphere, and the experience all wrapped up together. I am in no way an expert, but I do love sharing about my favorite shops, beans, drinks, and adventures that have been tied to coffee.  I hope you will even be encouraged to start you own coffee journey! 

Taylor Carr