His Art

The way the sky was painted tonight,

took my eyes a minute to see,

my mind a minute to grasp,

the glory, the beauty, and the passion displayed in your creation

I watched as the colors intertwined,

as they danced about the sky

Not only did your wonder appear, but so did your peace

in the still moment.

Taking time to admire what you have created for me, 

I found myself overwhelmed by your love.

You created beauty from nothing, the sky is my reminder.

As I looked, it was much more than beauty, 

it was the realization of a Father who cares so much about me,

that he painted art for me to experience everyday.

He took his brush, and created the sky, that had left me so awestruck.

this  is the same God created you and I.

He creates beauty, surly you are a byproduct.

For he took his brush, and painted you out of dust.

He looked at you, and said Very, good.

So don’t look at your reflection wishing it was another,

for your artist doesn’t make mistakes.

His brush moved just right to create all your beauty,

but unlike art on a wall, darling, you are priceless.