You Found My Heart

All wrapped up in fantasies,

You found my heart

It was buried beneath the unanswered calls

It had made to close encounters

Holding on with every last part

Yet still managing to stay hidden

This was the realest, rawest state

Of my tired, scarred up heart.


It wanted to be found, it was gasping for air

Others that heard the sound, thought it was unclear

What could be beneath?

Everything on the outside is beautiful

Who’s really suffering here?

My heart sealed up, escaped recovery


Still there, it waited.

Sometimes dark, and hollow,

still waiting.

One day dreaming of being found

Dreaming of being pulled from the vast emptiness and into new light

From the cold, untouched ground,

Into freedom above

It waited, because it knew one day, one would come

They would pry through the tight grip of its surrounding

The scars they made from the rescue would be worth it.

They knew, so it waited.


That’s when you came

You didn’t even know it was there, but you dug

You didn’t even hear a sound, but you continued to search

What were you looking for?

Uncertain yourself, you kept digging.

Through the tangled mess, there it lay,

My heart on full display.

Instead of the exposure killing every part,

You picked it up

And brought it close to your heart

No need to be afraid, you promised to keep it safe

It was then I knew,

my heart waited for you.



This is my favorite poem I have ever written. Again, it isn't to or about a specific person, rather an idea and a hope for my future. I wanted to just be raw and real, and let all my emotion out. I hope you feel that as you read the piece and I hope you feel inspired to write one of you own.