Who I Am

Screaming at the top of my lungs

To lyrics I’m unsure of

Wind seeping in

Hair in tangled mess

But I don’t care

Proficient at air guitar

Collecting an entire band

I feel free

I feel most like me


Dancing, looking at my reflection

Spiraling out of beat

Can’t quite make out the vibration

Still grooving out of sync

It’s okay, because that’s me


I’m crazy about nostalgia

Recreating moments of the past

Flipping through old pictures

Remembering my old joy

While still capturing new

I have found a happy place

Here amongst memories I’ve made


I am free from a mask

I am the smears of red lipstick

I am the smell of newspaper clippings

I am the threads hanging from my jeans

I am me.

I am the sound of car beeps

I am the flowing of streams


I love listening to the same song on repeat

I love the smell of gasoline

I love the reflection of light

I hate long car rides


What am I fond of?

I am still figuring it out

I am constantly growing

My favorites are evolving

Change isn’t just a word

I am constantly experiencing

It’s a gift I consider

It’s a gift I celebrate


I am the daughter of a Father who loves me

I am free.

I walk in grace

I’m founded in love

I am known.

I am chosen.

I am created in His image

He calls me wonderful

I am His.

Precious he tells me,

His daughter, he’s called me

More than just a relationship

He’s my one foundation

His love gave me life

And his grace gave me the freedom to live it.