Through the foggy glass, I can some how see

The beauty that lies beneath

Cleansed by an unknown

I can see what was hidden

No words come close to what was found

These words only scratch the surface of my sketched thoughts

I can't piece it together,

messages still unclear

All I know is something beautiful lies here

Why was it painted over

Who caused it's light to dim

What creature pushed it aside

And made it forget its hymn

Forgotten, and all alone

It made the dark it's home


It was made for more

Not to sit in undiscovery

But to be found in its truest light

What I found that day was more

Than what I realized at the time

It wasn't unworthy, just unwanted

It believes lies it was told,

And caused it to live haunted

But now it's been released

What joy, I have found

The beauty covered up by destruction

Someone else's mess

Look. I say.

I've discovered something here

More than anything I could imagine

Better than any dream I've kept

More beautiful than colors

More elegant than a flower

More gentle than a petal

And sweeter than any rose

You stood.

Covered in dirt

And you came with all you were.


Not knowing all I held

Was amazed at what He brought me

For this was worth my waiting




I sat amazed.

You reached out your hand to touch mine

Picking me up as though I was in need of rescue

One breath, you spoke

Words I couldn't believe

So much Emotion you evoked

When you said, you chose me.



My first poem, I wanted to share with all of you. I wrote this a while back, and have been holding back on posting it. But, I love to create, and write. I felt inspired one day, and carved this out. I wanted to be vulnerable in my writing and reveal a personal diary of my thoughts with you. Being vulnerable with your art is so important. And, before anyone asks me, NO this poem isn't about a specific person. I wrote it, when it came to me one day. I hope you are inspired to create, and be intimate with those around you. Enjoy :) What do you love to create? I'd love to hear about your favorite things and your art. Let's talk.