Where You've Been


I’ve walked the halls of your hidden heart

I’ve seen the tears that stained your memories

You thought I couldn’t find my way around the brokenness

But I made a path

It  looks familiar, but not permanent.

I see more than what you’ve allowed me to

I’m reminded of your smile

It’s illuminating,

and it’s appearance causes joyful disruption

I’m reminded of your laugh

How fills the empty space of a room

I’m reminded of our talks

And the sincerity in your voice

I know how you loved to dance,

No need for an occasion.

I’m reminded of your patience,

As you wait upon me.


I knocked

& You answered and let me in,

An unexpected visitor, who made a home

Upon entering, I knew everything



I had already known you, fully.

Every part,

even the ones unknown to you

I have loved every part, and cherished you.

The broken, the joyful, the lonely, the content,

I’ve loved all.

And I’ve walked through each with you

You my child, are exquisite

You are extraordinary.

I see past the mess,

And into your beautiful heart

There is much to your being

For I created it.


you live in it

And grace saturates your soul

My child, I smile upon you

For I know where you’ve been

I know where you are

And I know where you’re going.

I wrote this, as if Jesus is talking to you. He knows your heart, to it's very core. Read this poem as though he is speaking it to you. You are radiant and you are HIS.

Taylor CarrComment