Stars Are Coming

Look at the stars, they only appear at night.

But when such creativity introduces Itself,

we can’t help but be caught in the web

Of its possibility and majesty.

In the same way, I beg you, to see what’s coming

Anticipation longing to be met in a darkened sky, awaiting to be lit.

With expectancy, come.

A blank canvas doesn’t frighten the artist,

For there’s always the potential of sparkle

The sky needs the stars,

for it wouldn’t be complete without light.

The world needs her,

for the light in her shall be seen.

For when she lights up a sky,

you’ll begin to see what she was really created for.

So, as she unravels we wait.

We anticipate her beauty to be unveiled in its time.

For we know her stars are coming.

Right now, she is becoming.

Taylor CarrComment