Partly Numb

As it ice skates through swirls of blues

I think of you.

A wonder of colors painted around me,

I hear it coming

It glides through the dusty sky

Approaching the audience’s eye

It’s much more than its appearance to me

Screeching, blading, blaring

The sound is nearing

The sharpness of its engine cuts my ears

I daze into the night reflecting mirror

I feel its sweet affection

Soaring, racing, skating

Adventures ending, or just beginning

Tightly gripped hands, cold to the touch

The sound of your heart matches mine

Frantically racing, as our grip tightens

The taste of the crisp air chills my lips and tongue

Partly nervous, partly numb

My breath is lost in anticipation

Thinking of your approaching invitation

Deep eyes lock, as intentions are met

Invited in, as your lip brushes mine

A moment to savor

We kiss as though no audience

Lips locked without a key

In that moment I feel safe, i feel yours

Unsurpassed by fantasy

Taylor CarrComment