To Be You

I wonder what it feels like

to awake in the middle of danger,

be thrust into a whirlwind of panic,

swallowed by the carelessness

Of those before.

To watch the flames

take vigorous bites out of a house,

leaving with nothing but a stronger appetite.

I wonder if the ashes

that fill their lungs

will compel the others into action,

arising to an occasion

they needed met a long time ago.

I wonder if the smoke

that blinds their sacred drive,

will be enough to

provoke an anger and hunger for justice.

I wonder if the blood

of young lives will soak the hearts

captivated by the events

unfolded before them.

I wonder when the marginalized

will speak with authority,

knowing they’ve captured

the attention of the elite.

I wonder what it’s like to be you,

watching, as they pass by, capturing tragedy with film

speaking of pain as a commodity.

It’s you we forget about,

as the next story floods in.

It’s you we’ve abandoned after somewhere,

someone else, cries out in agony.

How long must our hearts remain troubled?

So we read, or we watch,

and go back to our 6pm dinner

waiting at the table for us.

Because, for us, it’s an event.

And the next morning,

we’ll do it all again.

Taylor CarrComment