A Letter to You

You are beautiful. Let those words sit in your heart as you begin to meditate on their truthfulness. The weight gain, the absence of exercise, and the shortness of hair, does not take away the beauty that was bestowed on you. When you looked in the mirror with tears in your eyes, you failed to see all he created. You were so zoomed in that your mind and your heart couldn’t grasp a greater reality. You held beauty. In the moments of loneliness, lostness, and desperation, you were still beautiful. The labels that have been placed on you are not the defining factors of your being. They are simply words, mistakenly placed. They aren’t the founding thoughts, nor the outline of your soul. Don’t let these words that have hurt you become more than just words. They don’t have power unless you give them power. So don’t. Forgive those who have caused you so much pain. Begin to see the brokenness in their hearts, and forgive them just as He has forgiven you. Don’t hold them to a debt they cannot pay and don’t put on them expectations that they can never achieve. Your job is not to entertain the world, but to show them more of who Jesus is in everything you do. Your purpose isn’t to fulfil your selfish desires, but for your desires to be molded and shaped by Jesus, to bring glory to his kingdom. Stop searching. The love you long for can never come from a human, object, or career. It comes from your creator and he longs for you. His love is greater than anything, so stop looking to be satisfied by something that wasn’t meant to bring full satisfaction. There will be trials ahead, and difficulties that may feel like they are overwhelming you. In moments of desperation, and fear, call out to him for he hears you and he’s listening. Don’t let the weight of the world become too heavy, and don’t allow the shame and guilt to pull you away from His love. When the world loses its identity, don’t lose yours. You’re a child of the living God, and your life has purpose. Though the path ahead is uncertain, trust the one leading. Keep your eyes and heart focused on the one who loves you most-- Jesus. Extend grace to those around you, and don’t focus on their mistakes. The life ahead isn’t safe, but it’s good. You won’t walk through life without fear, but you can walk through life with the one wise enough, strong enough, and loving enough to pull you through. Your identity isn’t wrapped up in your mistakes --the things you’ve failed to do, and the things you’ve done. His love is greater than any heartache. Though it’s difficult, though you’re in pain, though you have much to learn and grow in, He will always be there. In your darkest hour, and your brightest day, there he remains. Don’t allow pride to keep you from trusting him with your heart. You belong. Not because of what you’ve done or haven’t done, but because of who he is, and because you are His. You didn’t earn it, and you can’t escape it. You are his, and his love for you exceeds all knowledge. His love isn’t limited to our minds capacity, but it expands beyond our imagination. His love is so vast; we will never fully understand it. His love is where you remain forever.  





Taylor CarrComment