Love Who You Love

When I was twelve years old, my favorite band, Rascal Flatts came out with a new album titled, Unstoppable. The first track on the album is called, “Love Who You Love.” Obviously, the title gives away the theme of the song. I used to listen to this song over and over again, not knowing how the lyrics would begin to speak into my life. This is a shameless plug, but if you have the time--- check it out. It’s highly recommended. Anyway, it talks about loving the ones you have in your life right now, because they might not be there forever. There might come a day where that friend is no longer apart of your life in the same way, or your family member goes to heaven. Love your coworkers, your friends at school, your family, your teachers, your pastors, etc. Because one day, your relationship with them may change radically. The song is all about loving who you love right this minute and cherishing every moment, because you don’t know when it will change. If you put this into practice, and give all you’ve got to those you love, when they do leave, you will know you did all that you could to make them feel loved, and you enjoyed every moment you had with them.

Have you ever had that friendship or relationship you’ve taken for granted, and you don’t realize it until they’ve left? I know I have. It’s the worst. It ends abruptly, and you weren’t ready for the transition you now have to go through. I have spent so much time worried about other things, or over thinking situations, and those right in front of me have been neglected. The desires of your heart are important, but don’t spend so much time focused on them materializing that you forget to love those around you. I’m telling you this, because I have done it. My desires became priority. I became focused on my needs, and short-tempered. My heart was entangled in my wants and desires instead of pouring out love onto people.


Here’s some of the lyrics from the song…


I should have stolen every moment. Now there's a page with not enough on it, where we belong. I guess I'll never understand it. Why do we take it all for granted until it's gone? ‘Cause then it's gone.

Love who you love, with all that you have. And don't waste the time that flies so fast. Love who you love and say that you do. Hold on as tight as they'll let you. Love who you love.

Give all ya' got like its your last day, your heart and soul before it's too late. And pull 'em in so close enough that they can feel it, with every single breath that you're breathin'. Breathe it in again and again.


Where is your focus? We are constantly making decisions on where we spend our time, and who we spend it with. We are either focused on ourselves, or loving those around us. If the people closest to you decided to leave, would they know they are fully, and wonderfully loved by you? Do you cherish them, and let them know? Or do you go about your day, never expressing your true heart for them. I know it’s difficult, I struggle with this too. In our society today, it’s all about loving yourself, and getting ahead so that you feel satisfied. What if we loved those well, and with purpose? You sacrifice for those you love, to show the value you place on them. Show your gratitude. Love those you love, and hold them dear in this season.


Here’s your homework: Write the person you love a letter, expressing your heart for them. If you aren’t a letter writer, then take them out to lunch or dinner. If you’re tight on money, take them to coffee. If you don’t like coffee, call them up and let them know you’re thinking of them. I have left you with a few out of many ideas, to show the person you love how much them mean to you. Take the time and let them know today. Love who you love, and do it well.


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