Soul Care

This post is long overdue, because I have been dealing with this so much lately.




Our souls are often neglected because we can’t see them. It’s so easy to take care of the outside things, because they are clear and right in front of us. However, when it comes to our souls, we forget to take proper care of them. Our souls are most important, but because the problems aren’t right in front of us, we neglect them. More time passes, and the state of our soul is left unchecked. Soul care is something we need to do in order to be healthy. If our souls aren’t healthy, it contaminates everything we do. I have heard a lot of talk recently about how we are supposed to love our neighbor as ourselves, and how often we don’t love ourselves. If you love yourself at a 5/10, you can’t love your neighbor at an 8. Our souls need to be examined, and taken care of so we can live the life we were designed to.


I read a book last year by my favorite author, Judah Smith, called “How’s Your Soul?” In asking this question to myself I realized my soul was contaminated. It wasn’t healthy, and everything I did stemmed from an unhealthy soul. He talks about the importance of a home for your soul. Think of your home for your physical body. For me, it’s the place I feel secure, comfortable, and free. I am fully myself in my home, and I know I belong there. Our souls need a place like this, where we can rest, and feel safe. A way to know we don’t have a home for our souls, is when they are restless. When you don’t have a home for your soul, you don’t have a place to “kick off your shoes” and relax in. When your soul is restless, and anxious, it doesn't have a home. Are you constantly worried, filled with anxiety, and overwhelmed by the business of your life. These are indications that your soul might not have a home. So where does one find a home for your soul? I bet you guessed it-- in Jesus. When your soul is at home in God it isn’t easily rocked by the changes of life. It rests in God, knowing he is taking care of you, and he is with you. When your soul is at home in God, it has an unexplainable peace, even during the storms. How does your soul make a home in God? By trusting him, building a relationship with him, spending time with him,and worshiping him.


Next, your soul needs rest. How great does it feel, when you finish a year of work, or even six months, or a whole semester of school and you get to take a break and maybe even vacation. We want an escape, maybe underneath some palm trees sipping on a pina colada, or some other fruity drink. We want to sit by the ocean, tanning or swimming and just relaxing escaping from all of the business of our lives back home. This isn’t the rest I’m talking about when it comes to the soul. We don’t want to rest, escaping from life, but feel rest while living it. Instead of letting the business of your soul overwhelm you, Jesus wants us to enjoy life and find rest in it. It’s about enjoying time with friends, family, living life. We don’t want to escape from life, we want to live it! So how do you find rest in life? You enjoy it. Every part. Relationships are so important to the health of our souls. Having people around us who grow us, challenge us and love us is essential. We also can’t try and figure everything out on our own. We want to be in control of everything. We want to handle things without letting God in, and when we do this, our souls become anxious. We weren’t made to do everything. We also weren’t made to let God do everything on our own. We are coworkers with God. We walk in obedience, and we let him direct our steps. But, he is the one leading, not us.


Next, our souls need an anchor. When life’s challenges get to us, our soul can be moments away from giving up. We can feel like our world is crashing down around us, and we’re going down quick. The problem with this is our souls aren’t anchored. If your world crashes down in the middle of a storm, your soul doesn’t have an anchor. I’m not saying it will be easy, but a soul that has an anchor can withstand the trials of life, because it has a foundation that won’t crumble. Our souls need to be anchored in God. He is our souls stability. In the moments of hurt, sadness, trials, our soul must remained anchored in Him. Do you feel the weight of the world today? Our the trials of life too much for your soul? This may be an indication that your soul has no anchor. When you have an anchor, you are stable no matter what challenges come your way. You are not easily shaken, or thrown off, you remain stable. What do you turn to when you are overwhelmed? Ask yourself this in the process of taking care of your soul. The answer might surprise you, but it will also lead you towards restoration.

Ive brought up these few topics for the soul, for you to examine your own and journal about it. Ask yourself these questions and take the time to spend with God and take care of your soul.

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