Remembering His Goodness

So last night, I was hanging out with some friends because we are all reading a book together, called “Becoming Myself.” Every Thursday we gather together and go over some questions and the chapters we read for the week. This week, two of the questions were, “what are you asking Jesus to do? What are you waiting for? We each went around the table, and shared our answers. As I answered, I felt that I was a broken record. I feel like I have been waiting and asking for the same thing for years, and each time this question is asked, I reply with the same answer. I wasn’t the only one at the table who has this desire, so it didn’t feel out of the ordinary, it just feels so out of reach.

Have you been asking God for something for so long, and you feel like it isn’t going to come fruition? Do you feel like God has forgotten about you? Let me tell you, I have definitely been there. Right now, it isn’t that I feel like God has forgotten about my prayer, it just feels like he is taking his sweet time answering it. That may sound mean to put it like that, but honestly, it’s how I feel. I know, God’s timing is better than our own, and it couldn’t be more true. However, sometimes I just get tired of waiting. Do you feel like this? Have you felt like this? I so desperately needed to be reminded of God’s goodness and blessings that have already taken place in my life.


Remember the Israelites, when God parted the Red Sea and allowed them to go through, without any of the Egyptian army surviving? Immediately after, they were complaining that they didn’t have clean water, or food to eat. God just parted the Red Sea, and immediately they had forgotten, and were looking at what they didn’t have. They forgot the amazing miracle that God had just performed and decided to complain about what they lacked. (Exodus 15-16)


Sometimes, the thing that we are putting all of our attention and focus on can be that one thing that we lack. Maybe you are waiting on a new job opportunity, a future spouse, a new car, your family to be saved, provision in regards to finances. Whatever it looks like for you, you are waiting on God to do something. You have a promise and you are standing by it. I find that incredible. However, don’t let that keep you from seeing what God has already done for you. For me, I can be so consumed with what I lack, or what I want him to do, that I forget all that he has already done. We aren’t the only ones who dealt with this, the Israelites witnessed God- through Moses, part the Red Sea and right after they started complaining again asking God to move again.


God knows all of the desires you have in your heart, just as he knows them in mine. Looking back at this time last year, so much has changed in my life, and God has blessed me more than I can even comprehend. He has grown me so much this past year, and blessed me with incredible opportunities. Yes, I am still waiting on a promise to be fulfilled, but God has done so many wonderful things this year that I mustn't forget. Seeing what God has already done, reminds us that he is faithful and will continue to be faithful. So next time worry enters your mind, or you become consumed with timing, remind yourself that God is who he says he is. Remind yourself of the work he has already done, and the miracles he has already performed in your life. Yes, wait on his promise, but also remind yourself of his goodness. Like the Israelites, sometimes we too, need to be reminded of what God has already done for us.


So here’s something that I want you to do. Take out a piece of paper, or open your phone to notes, and write out the promise that you are still waiting on God for. After, write down 7 ways God has already shown up in your life. Write about his goodness, and the miracles he has performed specifically in your own life. I am going to do the same. I believe that when you do this, you are reminded of how powerful the God you serve really is, and you begin to focus more on his goodness, than what it is you may you lack.

If you want to share what it is God speaks to you during this time, I’d love to hear!

TruthTaylor CarrComment