Dear you, my Beloved Child,


I love you. My love for you is infinite. I love you beyond the stars that clothe the sky, beyond the many grains of sand on a beach, and beyond the length of the ocean.

My love for you is so strong that no power of the world could separate you from my love.. I am not mad at you, I am waiting for you with open arms, ready to clothe you in MY grace. I come to bring you life, everlasting life, that only I can give. So come to me, my child as I am calling out for you. I do not stand at the door counting your list of wrongs, instead I run after you. I desire a relationship with you. Talk to me, for I am at your call. Hearing the sound of your voice excites me. My arms are open to you. Do not run from your mistakes, for you cannot hide from me.

You are found in me, so stop running.

I created you, and I know you. Every hair on your head, every tear that you’ve cried, I know. Abide in me, so that I may abide in you. When the weight of the world is heavy, come to me and I will give you the rest that your soul needs. When fear overwhelms you, let my peace be your solid ground. Let my light live in you, so that you may shine through the darkness. Let my thoughts about you, become your thoughts about yourself. You are valuable my child. I laid down my life, for you. Let my words guide you through this world, I have created for you to enjoy. You are found in me, so stop running. You weren’t made to do this life without me. I have designed you for a relationship with me. You are not the mistakes you’ve made. Do not believe the lies of the enemy. I love you my child, it is time to come back from your wandering.  Here I wait for you with open arms, saying YOU are MY child, and I love you. Welcome home.

Love, Jesus


I decided to keep it short and sweet. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of how God feels about us. Or maybe, you have never been told, in that case, welcome. I hope this little letter fills your heart with joy and reminds you of how deeply loved you are by your Creator. His love doesn't compare to anyone else's love for you, it is infinite. Come and see what Jesus is all about. He will bring you more love, joy, peace, and hope, than this world ever can. Let him love you today. :)
TruthTaylor Carr