Dear Restless Heart

This is to the woman who is still waiting for her promise to be fulfilled. 

Dear YOU,

He is out there, he is. When you read this its because you’ve convinced yourself that you have to do the work in order to reap a benefit. Don’t. God has him, and has designed this plan for you. Don’t sit here and try and make impossible ends meet, its not your job. When worry enters your mind, force it out with the promises God has given you. When temptation overwhelms you, remind yourself that God is faithful. Our hands weren’t made to control the future, so stop trying to and trust. That five letter word is one of the hardest things to do. When your mind becomes consumed with timing, and there seems to be no silver lining, don’t give in. Don’t fall into the trap you’ve worked so hard to get out of. Don’t let your pride keep you from giving everything to Jesus. When you feel alone and the dark has become your home, get out. Remind yourself that you are worthy of  a man’s love, and not a love you’ve forced upon someone else, but a genuine love; a love of who you are. Walk in truth and love. Prepare your heart for your man because he is coming. I don’t know when and I can’t promise it’s soon. However, Jesus is the author of the story you can’t wait to unravel. HE’s the illustrator and he’s painting the man of your dreams, making sure he is ready for you. He knows when you both are ready. So don’t rush. Be patient. When he comes, you’ll know. You will have peace in your ever so restless heart. SO wait because I know it will be worth every second. His love for you won’t be forced and it won’t have to be because he found someone who is fearlessly herself. He found YOU.

I wrote this last year at a coffee shop with my best friend. This was a letter that I had addressed to myself, because I desperately needed to hear it. I was feeling overwhelmed, sad, confused and doubtful. So, I wrote this. I wanted to leave this letter addressed to you, whoever you are that is reading this, because maybe you too feel the same. God is faithful to his promises, and if being married is a desire of your heart, and God has promised this to you,then he is faithful, and will be faithful. Sometimes though, our minds can become clouded by the circumstances we are currently in, and we don’t seek God’s faithfulness and we can give into our negative thoughts. This letter is to you. God loves you, and he wants you to trust him. I am still going through this, but I believe God is faithful. God’s timing is perfect.

I have inserted a link to a song called "Nothing I hold onto." I think that it is absolutely beautiful and pertains to this topic. Check it out. :)