What Do You See?

So many times I have been controlled by my own emotions and thoughts. I have allowed my mind to be entangled with the thoughts of the world. Instead of putting my thoughts on God, I relied on what I could see in front of me. I didn't see much movement happening. I saw my life a standstill wondering how I’d make the jump to the next thing. How would I get there? What would it look like? How long would it take? God didn’t answer those questions, he just asked me to trust him. It wasn’t enough to just say I trusted him, I had to transform my way of thinking. I was focused on the thoughts of the world, on the circumstances, and on myself. I was so focused on my world so much, that I didn’t see God moving.

Romans 12:2 says this, “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will which is pleasing and perfect.” NLT

It says, “don’t copy the behavior and customs of the world”. The customs of the world, aren't just outward things, like drugs alcohol and sex. There are also behaviors we need to watch out for inwardly.  If your mind is full of anxiety, worry, stress and all you can see is the problem you are in, then you have allowed your mind to look like the world. Having a mind that looks like the world, can be allowing the stress and anxiety to feel and look bigger than the God you serve. This is why Paul is writing this. With your own will, and strength, you will find it impossible to renew your mind. This is why Paul says, let God. Let God transform you. This starts with our minds.

So let me ask you, WHAT DO YOU SEE? Do you see your circumstance, or your Savior? Are you looking for results or Jesus? When our thoughts are on the things of this world, we can become troubled quickly. How can you know God’s will for your life if your mind is polluted by worry, anxiety, stress, guilt, condemnation, lust, greed, depression etc.? You can’t. And God knows this. There is hope. This is why our minds need to be transformed by God.


Are you tired of feeling the weight of the world? Do you want a mind that has been renewed by God? The greatest part, is he wants to renew your mind. He wants to transform your way of thinking, to his way of thinking. Just ask. Come to him as you are and express your thoughts to him. He already knows. Ask him to transform your mind.  When your mind is on Jesus, you gain perspective.

On Friday, I went to disneyland with one of my friends from Biola. We got some Chinese food for dinner and when I opened my fortune cookie it read, “Things are not always what they seem. It’s not that bad.” When I first read this, I thought this is the worst fortune ever. But in light of this verse, I find it rather refreshing. It’s not that bad. When our minds our transformed by our creator, our stress starts to subside, because well, it’s not that bad. Life’s not that bad. I don’t mean to downplay terrible things that happen, I am just saying that all of our worry, and anxiety and stress and other things our minds get clouded with, aren’t really necessary. You have a Savior who is crazy about you. He loves you more than your mind can fathom. 

Let God transform your mind today. I understand it isn’t going to be easy. We are humans, and our minds our constantly working. But allow God to transform your mind today. Focus on him, how he thinks of you, and what his Word says. Trust God, and not your circumstances. When you allow your mind to be transformed, you will learn to know God’s will for you. He says, it’s “pleasing and perfect.” A mind transformed by Jesus, has nothing to worry about. When you understand the power God has, it leaves no room for your worries. He is bigger. He is greater. Trust him today.