Embrace the Wait Time

Throughout my whole life I have noticed a thread of impatience in myself. You know when you parents take you to a toy store, and you pick out what you think is the greatest toy in the world, and you beg and plead with them to let you have it? Yeah, well that was me. Except, my parents didn’t give into all of by begging. They said, Taylor, Wait. Wait? That was the answer I got. For how long? When will I get what I have been wanting, I wondered. I always hated waiting. I hated waiting in lines at Disneyland, waiting for my favorite Artist’s album to come out, waiting for Christmas presents, or for my birthday. You know why I hated waiting, because it meant  I couldn’t have something when I wanted it. It meant that I had to take extra time without having the thing that I had really wanted.

I hate to admit it, but this impatience has transferred into my life now. Although, it isn’t toys I am waiting for now, it is promises. Do you ever ask for something out of season? If you were to go to the grocery store and ask for watermelons in the middle of January, do you think they would taste good? Would you enjoy them the same? NO. Why, because you wanted them out of season. Sometimes we do this with God. We ask God for things that we aren’t ready for yet and he gives us an answer we didn’t necessarily want. He tells us to wait. But the funny thing is, while we are waiting we begin to complain about waiting, just like a kid in a toy store. We begin to beg and plead with God, asking him to rethink some things. Or how about this. We try and convince God that we are ready. Have you ever done this? Because I have. God already knows you better than you even know yourself. Coming to him with a list of why you think you are ready, will only make your case worse. God knows, and sometimes he just wants to prune you, and take some extra preparation time. Let me say that preparation time, isn’t wasted time. God is always at work in the process. While you are waiting on God’s promise, he is moving.

So I want to tell you, Embrace the Wait Time. I know that it is so hard sometimes, because we can be impatient beings. We want things when we want them, or we at least want to know how long we will be waiting for. But, whatever you’re waiting on will taste much sweeter in its season. Don’t expect  watermelon in January, because it isn’t time. You just need to sit back, and understand that God is in control. He knows you’re waiting and he is a faithful God.

In the wait time, practice trusting God, and allow him to prune you. Take time and ask him, “What are you teaching me while I wait? If you sit and complain about having to wait, it will only feel longer. But, if you spend your time in God’s word, and gain a strong foundation in him, it will make your waiting time much more prosperous.

Allow God to show you the beautifying process of waiting. See this time as valuable and purposeful. When you spend your wait time dedicated to Jesus, and trusting in him then, when he does fulfill his promise to you, it will taste that much sweeter. The wait makes for some good watermelon.