Let's talk about LOVE

First, I want to dedicate this post to my sister, your love is beautiful. I love you more than you'll ever know. - Tay

So, I haven’t really taken much time to process everything that happened, because I was so busy, and I refused to relive this moment. But,  I want to share with you how incredible God is and what he has done for me.

Friday was the scariest day of my life, and I had never experienced anything like it before. I was upstairs in my room, getting ready to leave for my Pastor’s birthday dinner. Suddenly, I heard a really loud noise that shook our house, followed by a scream. Right away, I ran into my sister’s room asking if she had heard it. She told me to stay in her room, as she went outside to check. She went into our parents room and saw 8 police cars with their guns drawn. Of course, she didn’t release that information to me, because at the time, I was freaking out. I thought it was a gunshot, and I had absolutely no idea what was going on.  My sister told me to go into our laundry room, because it was the room closest to the cars in our garage, and the room furthest from the backyard- which is where the incident was taking place. Anyway, we both stood in our laundry room, waiting. My sister called my dad and told him, very calmly, what was going on. Since my dad works for the Sheriff's Department, he called them and asked what was happening. Shortly after, we hear loud pounding on our front door. The pounding continued for what felt like forever. It didn’t seem to stop. It was so hard that the sign on the inside of our door felt onto the floor. After, we started to hear the same pounding on our garage door. Mind you, we are in the laundry room, right next to our garage. I felt trapped. I sat on the floor holding my dog, crying. There was no escape, whoever it was, was going to get in, and I didn’t know what else to do. While my sister was still on the phone with our dad, she told him that our door was being busted into, and that whoever it was wouldn’t stop pounding on our door. He did everything he could to keep us safe. Since he was in San Diego with our mom at the time, he couldn’t come to us right away. I won’t share all that he did, because I am not sure if I am allowed to, but just know that he called the stations and did everything he could do to protect us. There were so many cops at our house that day to ensure our safety. My dad told my sister to go outside the room, and check to see who was pounding on the door. My sister said, she saw our door starting to be broken into, and the hinges starting to bust. She tried to see who it was, but couldn’t. She checked again, and saw it was the police. She opened the door, and they said rep repeatedly to get out of our house and if anyone else was inside, to get out as well. I ran so fast out of my house. I had no idea  what was going on, and still thought it was shots that were fired right outside our house. As I sat across the street from my house, I saw flames emerging from what looked like my backyard. I asked the cop if our house was going to burn down, and he said they were working to put it out. I had no idea what was going on, and I was in complete shock. I wasn’t even crying now, instead I sat on the grass, amazed that this was actually happening. After, I saw about 10 cops go into our house. I was later told, they wanted us out of the house because they didn’t know if the fire would spread, or if a suspect was in our house. It was the scariest day of my life, but God never left me. During the knocking, I kept praying asking God to keep us safe, and he did.


This story is infused with God’s love. Let me share. My first reaction was not to be calm, but to cry in fear. My sister’s first reaction, and focus the entire time was to keep me safe. She put herself in harm’s way to make sure I was kept safe. She went to check everything out, she called my dad when I couldn’t, she opened the broken door, and she was the one who made sure I was okay. That is LOVE right there. It wasn’t about her own safety, but about mine. The entire time, she took care of me. As the pounding on the door got louder and harder, we both shed tears, but she still remained calm. She took care of me, and risked her own safety, for mine. And my dad, even though far away, did everything he could to protect us. In the midst of all my fear, I was surrounded by love. My sister said, in the moment, something came over her and the only thing she wanted to do was protect me. That is LOVE. Love, brings you out from focusing on yourself and your needs and putting others needs before your own and in this case, the safety of someone else, before your own. That kind of love displayed was just a glimpse of God’s love for me. The love my dad showed us in that moment, that he would do anything for us, and everything to protect us, reminded me of God’s love for me. In the midst of fear, love was so real. I was reminded of how much God loves me and cares for me, through my Dad, and my sister’s love for me. In that moment nothing else mattered to me. I remember sitting across the street, imagining my house burning down, and I didn’t even care. I had my favorite person right next to me, and that was all that mattered.


Not only was God’s love displayed, but his power. So, what had actually taken place was a car chase, that ended in a fiery crash. A couple guys had stolen a car in fullerton, and the police were after them. They ended up crashing into our back wall, into a tree. The car was destroyed, and after the suspects were pulled out, it burst into flames. First of all, how hard the car hit the tree, the tree should had fallen down, into our backyard, but it didn’t. Second, the fire was huge, and should have spread into our backyard, but it didn’t. No damage was done to our house, except to our door. That is a miracle and there is no other way to explain it. We were kept safe the entire time. When we ran outside the house, all of our neighbors were outside, calling us to them. They came over to us and comforted us as we sat on the grass. They were so kind, and showed us so much love. Not only that, but the cops were so kind as well. They stayed for a long time, to make sure we were okay. I know this is really long, but I just want you to know that God loves you. Honestly, and fully. God loves you. Nothing can separate you from His love. He is powerful and his love changes lives. What your going through won’t last forever, it’s just a season. Let God into it, and allow his love to change your perspective. His love is greater, I can’t even believe the love I experienced in that moment, was only a glimpse of God’s unfathomable, incomparable, unimaginable, unconditional, love for me. He loves you the same. Allow yourself to soak up his love for you today, hold onto it, and don’t forget he would do the same for you, as he has done for my family. Perfect love casts out fear. There is no room for fear, when God’s love is fully present.

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