Celebrate Your Beauty and Your Season

I have written a lot of posts about the things we think, and feel and things we are going through. But, today, I want this post to be different. I want it to be a celebration of who you are. I have the tendency to look at my life and want to fix everything that isn’t right, and I want to write about things I am going through and how to be better. But, for today, I want to write about how much God loves you right now. Look at your life. Maybe you aren’t where you want to be yet. Maybe you have things on your mind you desire, and things you want to achieve. But, forget about that at least while you’re reading this and thank God for your life, exactly as it is right now. Don’t thank him for what you think he’s doing in this season, or what you want him to bring you in the next season, but thank him for your life as it is right now. You are beautiful, brave, passionate, caring, and you are His. You are a beautiful creation of God, and he is so in love with you. You are chosen. You are known. You have been set apart, not set aside. You are God’s workmanship.

 I used to think, God was in heaven looking at me thinking, “this girl is the weirdest girl I have ever made, but she makes me laugh.” The weirdest, roughest, most outrageous part of you is fully loved by God. How cool is that? So today, don’t look in the mirror thinking you need to lose a few pounds, put on some more eye shadow, or that you need to get a tan. Whatever silly thing you tend to point out about yourself, accept its beauty. The picture I chose for this post is very significant. My friend is an incredible photographer and snapped this shot of me. She told me how much she loved it, and how beautiful she thought I looked. Immediately, I began to pick it apart and tell her how she couldn’t be farther from the truth. I began pointing out everything wrong with the way I looked in the picture, and how I didn’t see the beauty she had been describing. But just then, a thought came to me. I was working overtime to point out every reason of why I wasn’t beautiful, instead of accepting the truth about my beauty. God created me and he made me beautiful. I was trying to find every reason to make that statement false. Why do I do this? Because pointing out my flaws can be easier than accepting the beauty beneath them.

God has made you so beautiful.

 No matter what stage of life in, what age, and what ethnicity, you are beautiful. Live that out today. Thank God for your beauty, and for you life right now. Celebrate it. Buy yourself flowers, or a cute dress, or anything just to show yourself some love. God created you, and trust me, he knows BEAUTY. I mean, look around you, it’s everywhere. You are apart of the beauty he’s created. So today, instead of focussing on the things you don’t like about yourself, or the season you wish you were in, or the things you wish you were doing. Thank God for right now, because it will never come again.

Taylor CarrComment