Let's Talk About Love Part 2

I have another little Myanmar story to drop on you. If you don’t know already, I went to Myanmar last December with my church. We worked with an orphanage over there called Love Children’s Home. We spend 12 days there, doing VBS with the kids, and just spending time with them. It was the greatest time of my whole life.


One of the days we were in country, my leader told us to do a little something special for our kids that day, whether it was to hug them a little tighter or to tell them that we loved them. For some reason, this scared me. I was afraid to tell my kids I loved them. I mean, of course I did, but when he told us to tell them, I immediately felt my stomach drop. I was afraid of telling them that I loved them, and having them not saying it back to me. I was afraid of potential rejection. I waited the whole day, and still hadn’t told them how I felt about them. I could show them easily. But, admit it to them, and share with them how much I loved them, for some reason it was a challenge for me.

Towards the end of the day, something magical happened. I was playing with my kids by the swings, and one of them took a pencil and wrote the words “I love you” into the wood. He called me over and told me to read it. He said Taylor, “I love you”. My heart melted. I was so afraid of telling my precious kids how much I loved them, and without even knowing it, they told me first.

How could fear be present, with that much love. After that, I pulled my little boy in for the biggest hug. My soul was happy. It was such a beautiful example of “true love casts out all fear.” My fear immediately went away. In that moment, I felt truly, fully, and completely loved. I didn’t even question it.

Immediately after, I shared my story on the bus on our ride to dinner. I was in awe of God. In a way, it was him telling me through the kids how much he loved me. Their “I love you” broke me. It wasn’t because I gave them a million dollars, or was the most popular person in the world, or even the coolest.They just told me they loved me because of who I am, and who they are. I was reminded of my childlike love. I wasn’t ever afraid to tell people how much I loved them, because  I hadn’t experienced pain or rejection yet. But what amazed me even more, was these kids had. They had experienced trauma. They were orphans. They were what the world might call worthless, or outcasts, and yet they were loving me with all they had. I was afraid of being rejected, and these kids had been. Still, even now, writing this, I am astounded by their love. It isn’t wrapped up in the idea of someone loving them back. They share their love, and they do it unafraid of the response back. I’m sure they had no idea how much their “I love you” meant to me, but God does. He knew what I needed, and he brought it to me through the sweetest, cutest, and most genuine kids in the world.


The love I experienced on this trip is beyond explanation. I can’t even begin to form words close enough to the amount of love I was blessed with. My heart came back full. This little story is one of many I have brought back with me, reminding me of the incredible God I serve, and the kind of love I had only imagined. This trip showed me the love the Father has for his children, and that includes me. I am God’s child, and so are you. You are precious to him. So precious, that he died for you. Maybe you can’t always feel God’s love for you. I’ve felt like that before. But then, in a quiet moment, I am reminded of a time where I felt God’s love fully present, and it restores me. I am reminded that his love is always present, even when I can’t feel it. Don’t be discouraged. God knows your heart, and he hears your cry. He will meet you in your desperation, just like he met me. God’s love never leaves you. Take a moment today to recognize it.