To Be Chosen


About a few days ago, I picked up an old book I had bought last year, but just never got around to reading. The book is called Captivating, by Stasi Eldredge. This book is changing my world. Let me explain.

When I was younger, my favorite movies were the most romantic ones, where the men pursue the women, and realize  they were everything they ever wanted. They would chase the girl, and once they had her, they would profess their love to her. I loved the thought of being a prize, or being someone worthy of a pursuit. I would watch these movies dreaming of one day becoming a woman, worth the rescue. I dreamed of being chosen. Think about it, what were some of your favorite movies growing up? What was the theme of the movie? One of my favorite movies growing up, was called The Last Song. It stars Miley Cyrus, and Liam Hemsworth, and it is a romantic love story. There is a part in the movie that gets me every time. It’s the pursuit. It shows a bit of a montage of the couple frolicking, and laughing, and spending time together. He’s constantly pursuing her. No matter how many times she’s denied him, he doesn’t stop and he finally wins her heart. But it starts with the pursuit. It gets me every time. Each time I watch it, I reminded of my 13 year old self, crying out for the same kind of affection.

Fast forward to high school, the desire began to grow, as I began to settle. I wasn’t being chosen, but I began to settle for whoever it was that wasn’t choosing me. I would stay in a relationship because I thought it would be better than being alone. Yet, my desire to be chosen was alive in my heart. I hid it for so long, but I couldn’t deny its existence. Why do us women long to be swept up and carried away at sunset? Why do we long for those beautiful words to finally be said, the words, “I choose you.” This is the very heart of a woman. No matter how much you’ve repressed these feelings, and desires, they still exist. The reason, is God.  

As I am reading this book, it says, the heart of a woman, can give us a glimpse into the heart of God. God longs to be chosen, and desired by his children, us. Just as a woman longs to be chosen by a man. These desires aren’t put their by accident and they surly aren’t something to be ashamed of. We long  be loved, and cherished and told we are beautiful. We long for these things, because the heart of God is relational. He shows us this not only through his relationship with His Son, and the Holy Spirit but also through the heart of a woman. You see throughout the bible how God longs to be a priority, and wants to be put first. We also see this desire in women. Again, growing up my whole life, I have felt ashamed of these desires, and afraid to even admit that I have them. I am currently seeing a whole new perspective, that has calmed so much of the chaos in my soul.


God deserves to be put first, made a priority and to be fully loved by his children. He deserves to be chosen, above all. This is the same for women. We are worthy of being chosen, and pursued and made a priority. I’m not trying to get all feminist on you. These desires come straight from God’s heart. In the heart of a woman, the heart of God is displayed if you look carefully. Just as the heart of God is also displayed through a man’s heart. - That’s another topic for another day. Don’t settle for less than what your heart desires. You are lovely and I understand your desires. You don’t need to be ashamed or try and ignore their existence. They were put there by your creator. Through His creation, he has revealed himself, and I find it wonderful that he chose to use us, women.

TruthTaylor CarrComment