I feel like this topic isn’t widely talked about, or if it is, I just haven't heard or read much of the material on it. Anyway, overthinking is something I struggle with. I have dealt with this for years. Our minds our so powerful, and if we let them run, it can be dangerous.


In high school, whenever I was dating someone, it came natural to overthink. I allowed my thoughts to control me. If I thought they were being unfaithful, or doing something bad behind my back, I would think about it to the point where it would make me physically sick. I didn’t want to eat, or talk to anyone, and I would be consumed with my thoughts. It was so bad, and for years I left it unchecked. I didn’t talk about it much with anyone, so I would allow my thoughts to build and develop to the point where I would make up things in my head, and believe they were true. I didn’t take my thoughts captive, or allow myself to time to process. I would take the first negative thought, and allow it to transpire into something of fiction. It’s a bit humorous now, looking back on some of the things I imagined, but at the time I fully believed it was true.

Overthinking still happens to me. Not just with people I’m dating, but with anything I fear. Overthinking is tied to what I fear most. If I fear someone will cheat on me (as I did in past relationships) then, my thoughts are geared towards that, and anything that happens, I immediately want to take it to that extreme. If I’m afraid of failing at something, then any negative thought that comes, I immediately contribute it to complete failure. Instead of speaking truth over and over, I allow the lies to become truth, and therefore prove my negative assumptions right. Our minds are so much more powerful than we believe, and if not cared for, this can cause so much damage to our relationships and our souls. I know, because it has for me.

I haven’t been healed from this, but it has improved so much. I used to spend hours, thinking these thoughts and believing them. Now, when a thought comes to my mind that I could easily overthink, I speak truth over myself. I speak what I know to be true, and factual. For instance, if I get afraid of something, like driving, I speak logically of the situation I’m in. If I am on the freeway, and I overthink and become afraid, I tell myself that factually, I am driving the speed limit, no one is getting too close to me, I am in a safe car, with my seat belt on, and so on. This may sound silly, but it actually works. When my mind over thinks, it defies logic. I don’t think logically, therefore it causes my thoughts to spur out of control. However, when I tell myself things that are facts, or logical, it allows my mind to calm down and I am reminded that I am okay. This is similar to being mindful of your surroundings.

When my thoughts become to entangled with lies, I come to God asking him to heal me, and control my  mind. Coming to God is always a good thing, but there are also things we can do ourselves to help prevent this extreme way of over thinking. Speak scripture over yourself. I know when I start to become afraid, and my mind starts to wonder, I not only speak truth (logical facts) but I also speak the Word of God over me, because I know it is true and I know it is powerful. In my times of greatest worry and stress, I have been speaking scripture to myself to control my thoughts and to allow them to settle on what they know to be true, and that is God’s Word. If you are going through this, read the bible and meditate on the words. It is so powerful when you combat those negative thoughts with God’s truth. You know God, you know his character, and his heart. You know what is true about him and what isn’t. So when these thoughts come, understand they are not from him. Don’t allow your mind to lose control, and take each thought captive. When your anxiety starts to build, and thoughts of fear enter your mind, remind yourself of who God is. When I become afraid now, I call out to God, sometimes in a panic, other times, I praise him. It seems counterintuitive to praise him when you’re afraid, but when you praise him, it takes your mind off of your fear and onto God himself, who is bigger than any fear, or thought pattern, or outcome. He is greater and he is here for you.


Do you overthink or have anxiety? Are you allowing your thoughts and emotions to control your actions? I struggle with this DAILY. God is here for you. Practice the things I’ve written about. Practice speaking truth over you, and taking each thought captive instead of letting your mind run. It’s hard work, because we’ve developed a pattern that allows our mind to continuously wonder. Pray, seek God, and seek TRUTH. If this is you, I want to be praying for you. Let me know. You’re not alone.


 Romans 15:13 NLT "I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit."


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New Living Translation (NLT)

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