Happy 1 Year


I am amazed as I sit back and look over the last year, writing and sharing and growing alongside each other. I have learned so many things about myself and I wanted to share a few with you, hoping these realizations will be beneficial to you as well:)



I learned how deep comparison can hit and how real it is. Looking around at others, the way they look, the way their life is going, it’s easy to get caught up and wish you were doing the same thing or even more. I love looking at other bloggers, but if I’m honest, instead of celebrating them, I can sometimes be envious. I compare myself, and pick at everything I don’t like, until I become too self conscious. But hey, I’m learning. Now that I am acknowledging it, I want to implement change. I love watching people master their craft. I want to enjoy their journey along with them, instead of wishing I was on the same one. I am different, and that’s what makes me unique. God has plans for my life, that are different than yours, and hers and hers. We aren’t the same and that’s the beauty of it. Where I am at, is where God has called me. I still struggle though. But I’m encouraged when I’m reminded of how much God has already blessed me, and that I have a unique and special purpose, just like you do too!


 I learned that I can be very critical of my work. Of course, we all are striving to be our best, but often times we’re our own worst critic. If you were to stop something every time you weren't the best, you wouldn’t complete anything. Why? Because there’s always someone doing it better, and that’s okay. The beauty is in trying, and growing and learning. It’s about stepping out and doing things that scare you, excite you and make you nervous. Sometimes I would write something and not want to share it because I didn't’ feel confident that it was my best work. But it’s not about perfection. It’s about imperfect beings, joining together to be more like our heavenly Father. Truth is, all of us don’t measure up when it comes to Jesus-- he’s perfect. We weren’t made for perfection, so quitting something, or holding back because you don’t feel good enough is not a good excuse anymore. It can’t be the reason you’ve chosen to hold back. I’ve had to tell myself the same thing. So, start that blog you’ve always wanted to, become a photographer, start a business, become a teacher, or model, or actress. Whatever it is, DO IT.


I’ve learned patience. This can go along with comparison, but I wanted to add more to my thought. The way life looks for us and the way life looks for others are two different things. I’m a 21 year old undergraduate student. I want my life to fast forward, so I can get to all the “good stuff.” I put that in quotations because as much as I’d like to believe life gets easier, I know it only gets harder- not disregarding the goodness in those seasons too. However, I’ve learned how to be more patient for things. God has us go through seasons that we might not understand, and only may comprehend them once we’ve left. However, in those times it’s important that we ask God what he’s doing, and just allow him to mold and shape us for what’s coming, while still be content where we are. In a world that glorifies the fast pace life, having everything at our fingertips I think it’s healthy to wait for things. Sometimes, I feel like a four year old begging God to act quick so I don’t have to wait any longer. But just like our parents know what’s best for us in the moment, so does God. He’s teaching us patience, and boy do I need it.


I’ve learned that internet friends are the greatest gift in this whole process. Reaching out to people can be scary. But honestly I have met some of the sweetest, kindest people through social media and it has been such a wonderful experience. Is there a person you admire, or would like to be friends with on social media??? Hit them up. I’m telling you, it’s such a blessing to join with other creative minds, and talk about things you have in common and are passionate about. I have met some incredible women, just by messaging them and scheduling a coffee date. I’m so thankful for the value they add to my life. So, if you want to make a new friend, send a message over, and grab coffee with a gal you can talk about life with. It’s a beautiful thing. I love the connections I have made over social media.


Lastly, I have learned that carving out time to work on your craft is CRUCIAL. I have been asked by a few people, “How do you keep posting? I have a blog, but I don’t really post.” Honestly, for me, it’s something I really enjoy, but it does take discipline. Like everything you do, it take work, and time dedicated to working on it. What I have learned is to practice writing, and just write vulnerable and true, and worry about it later. Sometimes I’d get so caught up in sharing too much, that I’d get discouraged before I had even finished writing. It takes practice and time. I dedicate 2 hours to write my pieces, and another hour to edit and make the post. I would also spend hours trying to change the site, and create new pictures or layouts. Every Tuesday was my designated post day. Creating a schedule really helped me to stay on track with postings and deadlines. Whatever you want to start, it’s going to take time and dedication, but if it’s something you really want- it’s so worth it.

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